IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 Web Help

Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

Specify the initial contents and the main settings for your new Flash module.

Item Description
Target platform Select the target environment for the content that you are going to develop:
  • Web for Flash player / Web browser-targeted content.
  • Desktop for Adobe AIR-targeted content.
  • Mobile for the content intended for mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc.).
Pure ActionScript Select this check box if you are not going to use MXML (i.e. all your source code will be written in ActionScript).
Output type Select the intended output type, that is, what your resulting content is going to be:
  • Application. A runnable application, an SWF file.
  • Runtime-loaded module. A dynamically-loadable module, an SWF file.
  • Library. An SWC file.
Target devices For a Mobile Application: use the Android and iOS check boxes to specify the intended target devices for your application.

As a result, IntelliJ IDEA enables or disables creating an application descriptor and packaging your application for the corresponding devices. (The Android and iOS check boxes on this page correspond to the Enabled check boxes on the Android and iOS tabs in the build configuration that will be created.)

Flex/AIR SDK Select the Flex or AIR SDK to be used.

If the list is empty or does not contain the required SDK, click browseButton (Shift+EnterShift+EnterShift+EnterShift+EnterShift+EnterShift EnterShift Enter) and add the required SDK in the Configure SDK dialog.

Target player For the Web target platform: the target Flash Player version (readonly). (This setting is defined by the selected Flex SDK version.)
Create sample app For the Application output type: select this check box if you want a sample application to be created.

You can use this sample application for learning and also as a basis for your own application development.

If necessary, change the source file name suggested by IntelliJ IDEA.

Create HTML wrapper template For a Web Application: select this check box if you want an HTML wrapper template for your application to be created.

Select or deselect the associated options as needed:

  • Enable integration with browser navigation . Select this option to enable deep linking.

    Deep linking lets users navigate their interactions with the application by using the Back and Forward buttons in their browser.

  • Check Flash player version . If you select this option, the compiled application will check for the correct version of Flash Player.
  • Express install . If you select this option, the application will run an SWF file in the existing Flash Player to upgrade users to the latest version of the player.

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