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The page is available only when the Framework MVC Structure Support repository plugin is downloaded, installed, and enabled. For more details, see Plugins, Installing, Updating and Uninstalling Repository Plugins, and Enabling and Disabling Plugins.

Use this page to enable viewing the structure of your framework-specific project in the terms of the Model-View-Controller pattern.

IntelliJ IDEA parses the structure of a framework-specific project tree based on the following assumptions:

  1. According to the framework specification, a project should have a directory with application configuration files, a web directory with js and css files, and directory with a number of modules. The structure of the application config file and web directories is predefined and cannot be customized, therefore IntelliJ IDEA can parse such directories itself, you do not need to provide any additional information.
  2. However inside the project, the directories can be arranged in any way and can be named without any restrictions. Moreover, each module should contain some specific folders that can be located anywhere inside the module and can have any name. Therefore, IntelliJ IDEA cannot detect the type of such folders itself.

To enable the MVC view of the project, you need to mark application roots and module roots and mark the project elements as various framework-specific types.

Item Description
Framework name In this drop-down list, specify the framework your project is based on. The available options are:
File/Directory In this field, select the file or folder to associate with a framework-specific type.
Element In this field, specify the framework-specific type of element for the selected file or folder. The available options for Symfony2 are:
  • Resources
  • app for directories with application settings
  • src
  • vendor
  • web for web roots
  • Bundle root: choose this option to mark a directory as the root of a module or a Symfony bundle. Modules/bundles usually have their own types inside, so subdirectories under a bundle root can be marked as:
The available options for Yii are:

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