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This section describes default mappings for the function (F) keys.

Shortcut Function Use this shortcut to...
Help Invoke reference page.
or or Activate in-place editing In a GUI Designer form, enable in-place editing of the name of a selected UI component.
or or or or or or or
or or or or , or or or or
Search for next/previous occurrence Navigate to the next/previous occurrence of a selected word in the editor.
or or Edit Source Depending on the context:
Copy Create a copy of a selected class/file/directory in the same or a different package.
Move Move a selected class/package/static member to another package/class and correct all references.
or Step Into Step to the next executed line (during debugging).
or Step Over Step to the next line in the current file (during debugging).
or Resume Program Resume program execution (during debugging).
or Toggle Bookmark Turn anonymous bookmark on or off.
Jump to Last Window Activate a last focused tool window.

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