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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

Tools | XmlBeans | Generate Java Code From XML Schema Using XmlBeans

Use this dialog box to configure generation of Java code stubs based on an XML Schema via the XmlBeans data binder.


  1. This functionality is provided via the WebServices bundled plugin, which is enabled by default. If not, enable it using the Plugin Configuration Wizard.
  2. The menu item and the dialog box are available when the file opened in the active editor tab contains an XML Schema.
Item Description
Schema path In this field, specify the file to be used as the generation basis. By default, the field shows the full path to the current file. To use another Schema, click the Browse button browseButton and choose the desired file in the Select XML Schema / Wsdl File for generation dialog box, that opens.
Output path Use this field to specify the name of the .jar to place the generated and complied Java code in. By default, IntelliJ IDEA suggests to create a new types.jar. To overwrite an existing .jar, click the Browse button browseButton and choose the desired .jar in the dialog that opens.
Add necessary libraries in order for generated code compile and work Select this check box to have additional XmlBeans libraries automatically added to the classpath of the module where the generated source code will be placed.


These are libraries the generated stubs code depend on.

Status View the information in this read-only field to track and improve discrepancies when configuring the generation procedure.

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