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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.
To generate a data structure definition (DDL) file
  1. In the Database tool window, select the desired data source, table, or column, and do one of the following:
    • Select icon_generateDDL Copy DDL in the context menu.
    • Press .

    As a result, IntelliJ IDEA will place the generated statements onto the clipboard.

  2. Create a file with the desired name and the extension .ddl.
  3. Open the new file in the editor and paste the generated statements from the clipboard.


IntelliJ IDEA parses the specified file according to the SQL dialect assigned to it or its parent. To have the data structure created successfully, this dialect should support DDL statements. SQL dialect settings are specified on the SQL Dialects page of the Settings dialog box.


Note that you can change the SQL dialect for any SQL or DDL file open in the editor by selecting the corresponding context menu command.

To change the SQL dialect for an SQL or DDL file
  1. Open the file of interest in the editor.
  2. Right-click somewhere in the editor, point to Change <current option> SQL dialect to, and then click more.
  3. In the SQL Dialects dialog that opens, click the corresponding SQL Dialect cell, select the desired dialect from the list, and click OK.

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