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IntelliJ IDEA enables you to insert or update copyright notices in the files of your projects, according to the copyright profile that is applicable to the corresponding scope.


  • If a file does not belong to any scope with a copyright profile assigned, the default copyright profile is used.
  • If the No copyright option has been set as the Default Copyright Profile in the Copyright settings dialog box, no copyright notice will be created or updated and IntelliJ IDEA will prompt you to configure a profile to apply.
To add a copyright notice
  1. Open the desired file in the editor.
  2. Press or or or or .
  3. From the list that is displayed in the editor, select Copyright.
To update a copyright notice
  1. In the Project tool window, select files or directories where you want the copyright notice to be updated or just open the desired file in the editor.
  2. Right-click the selection, and choose Update Copyright on the context menu.


    You can also update copyright notices when committing changes.


To have copyright notices updated correctly, make sure that the keyword specified in the copyright profile is a part of the notice definition. Otherwise, IntelliJ IDEA will not detect copyright notices and, instead of updating existing notices, will insert new ones.

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