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Maven integration facilitates working with dependencies. IntelliJ IDEA helps generate dependencies in the pom.xml files.

To create maven dependencies in a pom.XML file
  1. Open the desired pom.xml file for editing.
  2. With the editor tab having the focus, choose Code | Generate on the main menu, or press or or or or , and choose Dependency from the Generate pop-up window.
  3. In the Maven Artifact Search dialog box, select the desired dependency to be added. Note that you can search either in the artifacts, or in the classes. To do that, type the search string in the text field to narrow down the search scope, select the desired dependency, and click Add.


    The dependency is added to your pom.xml. IntelliJ IDEA also adds a Dependencies node with your generated dependency to the Maven Projects tool window.


    • When searching in artifacts, the search string can refer to the ArtifactId, GroupId, and version of an artifact.
    • When searching in classes, IntelliJ IDEA searches through all the available artifacts, and adds all libraries, where the class with the specified name is detected.

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