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Use this page to specify the version control settings to be applied to the directories of your project that are under Git control.

Item Description
Path to Git executable In this text box, specify the path to the Git executable file. Type the path manually or click the Browse button browseButton.png to open the Select Path - Git Configuration dialog box and select the location of the Git executable file in the directories tree.
Test Click this button to check whether the specified settings ensure establishing connection.
SSH executable Use this drop-down list to specify the SSH version to be used with Git. The available options are:
  • Built-in: select this option to have the implementation provided by IntelliJ IDEA used.
  • Native: select this option to have the native implementation used.


    On some platforms, using the native ssh implementation may cause hang-up problems. In native case, you may need to configure a platform-specific ssh-askpass to receive prompts for passwords.

Auto-update if push of the current branch was rejected
  • Clear this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA display the Push Rejected dialog box when pushing a branch to its tracked branch is rejected due to lack of synchronization between your local repository and the remote storage. The dialog box proposes to synchronize the local branch using rebase or merge.
  • Select this check box to have the current branch updated automatically if your push from the current branch to its tracked branch is rejected.

    Please note the following:

    • If you have never seen the Push Rejected dialog box before and you are enabling the check box initially, IntelliJ IDEA will update the conflicting local branch silently by means of the merge operation.
    • If you have already encountered the Push Rejected dialog box and selected the Remember the update method choice... check box, IntelliJ IDEA saves your last choice (rebase or merge) and will apply it to update the conflicting local branch silently.

      Accordingly, to change the "remembered" setting, clear the check box, access the Push Rejected dialog box, select the Auto-update if push ... rejected check box, whereupon invoke another update strategy.

Control branches from different roots synchronously Select this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA apply commit, push, and other Git operations to several mutually connected repositories at once. For details see the topic Git Branches in Multirooted Projects.
Warn if CRLF line separators are about to be committed
  • Select this check box to enable smart handling of LF and CRLF line separators. IntelliJ IDEA will analyze your configuration, warn you if you are about to commit CRLF into the repository, and offer to set the core.autocrlf setting to true or input depending on the operating system used.

    Note that this setting does not apply to the files where you have set any related git attributes. In such cases, IntelliJ IDEA supposes that you clearly understand what you are doing and excludes such files from analysis.

  • Clear this check box if you want to fix the problems with line endings manually, possibly using the Difference Viewer Dialog, or if CRLF separators are not a problem for you.

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