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The IDE Talk plugin for IntelliJ IDEA facilitates collaboration and communication between team members and enables the developers exchange instant messages and perform code-related communications directly from within the IDE.

Communication using the IDEtalk plugin is possible both via a local area network and Jabber. For example, if your team is not distributed geographically, and all the team members are connected to the local network, you can communicate via the local network. Otherwise it is recommended to create a public Jabber server and create an account on it.



Before you start working with IDEtalk, make sure that IDEtalk plugin is enabled.

The plugin is bundled with IntelliJ IDEA and activated by default. If not, enable the plugin as described in Enabling and Disabling Plugins.

This section describes how to perform the operations that are common for most instant messaging systems:

You can also perform the following code-related operations:

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