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Use this page to define the source workspace and the target location for the imported Eclipse projects.

Item Description
Select Eclipse project directory Specify the path to the Eclipse workspace that contains projects to be imported. You can type the path, or click the ellipsis button and locate the desired directory in the Select Path dialog.
IntelliJ IDEA project and module files location
Option Description
Create module files near .classpath files If you select this option, an IntelliJ IDEA module per each Eclipse project will be created in the respective projects directory; the IntelliJ IDEA project in the specified format will be created in the root of the Eclipse workspace, or Eclipse project directory.
Keep project and module files in If you select this option, enter the target location of the *.iml files to be created from the imported Eclipse projects, or click the ellipsis button, and navigate to the desired location.
Project file format Choose file-based or directory-based format of saving project.
Link created IntelliJ IDEA modules to Eclipse project files Check this option to automatically keep the Eclipse projects and IntelliJ IDEA modules synchronized.
Detect test sources Specify the list of roots, where test sources should be sought for. Refer to the Compiler section for the wildcards syntax.

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