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While working with IntelliJ IDEA, you've definitely customized the IDE settings (for example, editor behavior, or keyboard shortcuts) to fit your needs. Having installed and launched a newer version of IntelliJ IDEA (when the config directory doesn't yet exist for the new version), you might want to re-use the settings of the previous versions.

For this purpose, IntelliJ IDEA automatically shows a dialog box with the following options:

  • I want to import settings from the previous version: If this option is selected, IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects the home directory of the previous version, and imports settings from this location.
  • I want to import settings from custom location: If this option is selected, you can specify the desired directory where the settings are stored.

    Type the path manually, or click the browse button to select settings from the previous version using the file chooser dialog.

  • I don't have a previous version of IntelliJ IDEA, or I don't want to import settings: If this option is selected, then all the previous settings (if any) will be ignored.

Click the radio-button of the desired option to re-use or ignore the legacy settings.


If automatic import fails, consider importing and exporting settings manually, using the File | Export Settings and File | Import Settings commands on the main menu. Refer to section Exporting and Importing Settings.

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