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To prevent the build process from running out of memory, you can increase the amount of memory allocated to the process. By default, the memory heap is 128 MB, but for large projects you may need more.

To increase a memory heap
  1. Open the Build File Properties dialog box.
  2. In the Maximum heap size field, type the required amount of memory.

Please note the following:

The memory heap of the build process is independent of IntelliJ IDEA memory heap, and is released after the build process is complete.

The memory heap available to IntelliJ IDEA may be changed by editing the corresponding VM options. Depending on the platform, these files are:

  • Windows: idea.exe.vmoptions
  • Linux: idea.vmoptions
  • OS X:

    12.0+Since version 12:
    The file /Applications/IntelliJ should be copied to ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdeaXX/idea.vmoptions

    For the older versions, the settings are stored in Info.plist

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