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IntelliJ IDEA supports tight integration between Groovy and Java. For example, you can reference a Java interface from a Groovy script. So doing, you have to keep in mind that anonymous classes are not allowed in Groovy. That's why IntelliJ IDEA suggests a handy quick fix.

To instantiate a Java interface from a Groovy script
  1. Create a Java interface you want to instantiate in a Groovy script. For example:


  2. Open the desired Groovy script for editing, and type the following code:


    As you see, IntelliJ IDEA highlights this code as erroneous.

  3. Press , or to reveal the quick fix, and click Dynamize invalid interface instantiation.
  4. Depending on the number of methods in the Java interface, the further behavior is different:
    • Java interface contains two or more methods. In this case, you have to specify which methods should be implemented:


      The instantiation code is converted to a map:


    • Java interface contains a single method. In this case, the instantiation code is converted silently to a closure:


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