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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

The dialog box opens when you click the findPerforceJob button in the Edit Jobs Linked to Changelist dialog box.
Use this dialog box to search for available jobs, view their details, and link jobs to the changelist.


When you need to attach only one job to a changelist, you can use the quick search functionality. This requires that you know the exact name of the job or at least can specify a search pattern for it.

Specify search parameters

Use the controls in this area for specifying various criteria to limit the search output. Follow the Perforce jobs syntax rules. The specified values are joined in the generated command line query via the AND operation.


At least one of the fields should be filled in.

Item Description
Job name pattern In this text box, type the desired job name search pattern.
Status Use this drop-down list to specify the status of the job you are looking for. The available options are:
  • * - when this option is selected, all the jobs that match the remaining search criteria are displayed, regardless of their job statuses.


    If you specify Status as the only criterion and select this option, all the jobs that are currently present on the Perforce server will be retrieved.

  • Open
  • Closed
  • Suspended
User name pattern In this text box, specify the search pattern or the exact name of the user who created the desired job.
Date before/Data after Use these text boxes to specify the time period the desired job is created in. The appropriate formats are yyyy/mm/dd or yyyy/mm/dd:hh:mm:ss.
Description pattern In this text box, type the desired job description search pattern.
Search Click this button to start searching for jobs that match the specified criteria.

Search results

Use this area to view the details of found jobs, select the desired job, and attach it to the changelist.

Item Description
Search results The list contains the jobs found according to the specified search criteria. When you select a job, the read-only area shows its details.
OK Click this button to link the selected job to the changelist.

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