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To be able to use plugin repositories other than the JetBrains Plugin Repository (e.g., your enterprise plugin repositories), you should specify the URLs of such repositories in IntelliJ IDEA.

To manage the list of enterprise plugin repositories
  1. Open the Settings dialog.
  2. In the left-hand pane, under IDE Settings, select Plugins.
  3. On the Plugins page that opens in the right-hand part of the dialog, click the Browse repositories button.
  4. In the Browse Repositories dialog that opens, click the Manage repositories button.
  5. Use the Custom Plugin Repositories dialog that opens, to manage the list of URLs for custom (enterprise) plugin repositories:
    • To add a repository URL, click add ( or or or or ). In the Add Repository dialog, specify the repository URL and click OK. (You can use the Check Now button to make sure that the specified URL is correct: IntelliJ IDEA will try to connect to the repository.)
    • To edit a repository URL, select the URL and click edit1 (). In the Edit Repository dialog, edit the URL and click OK.
    • To remove a URL from the list, select the URL and click delete ().

    Click OK in the Custom Plugin Repositories dialog.

  6. Click OK in the Browse Repositories dialog.
  7. Click OK in the Settings dialog.

    As an alternative, you can specify the list of URLs for the enterprise plugin repositories in the file. This file is located in the IntelliJ IDEA installation folder in the bin directory.

    Open the file and add the following line:

    -D idea.plugin.hosts=[URL1],[URL2],...[URLn]

    where [URL1],[URL2],...[URLn] is a comma-separated list of the corresponding URLs.

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