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Phing functionality in IntelliJ IDEA is provided through a dedicated Phing Build tool window.

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To open the Phing Build tool window, do one of the following
  • If the Phing support is not enabled in the project, open a Phing build file in the editor or select it in the Project tool window, and then choose Add as Phing build file on the context menu of the selection.
  • If Phing is supported at the project level, choose View | Tool Windows | Phing Build on the main menu.
To examine the build targets in a build file
  • Open the Phing Build tool window.
  • To view the build targets defined in a specific build file, expand the corresponding build file node.
  • To have certain build targets in a specific build file hidden in the tree view, select the corresponding file and click the Settings button properties.gif on the toolbar. In the Phing Settings dialog box that opens, switch to the Hiding targets tab and select the Hide check boxes next to the names of the targets to be hidden.
  • To have build targets defined in all build files displayed or hidden, click respectively the Expand All button expandAll.png or the Collapse All button collapseAll.png on the toolbar.
  • To navigate to the definition of a target in the source code, select the desired target and choose Jump to Source on the context menu of the selection.
To associate a shortcut with a Phing target

You can associate a build target with a keyboard shortcut and execute commonly-used targets with a single key-stroke. If a Phing build file is added to the project, its targets appear under the Phing Targets node in the Keymap dialog box.

  1. In the Phing Build tool window, right-click the desired build target.
  2. On the context menu, choose Assign Shortcut.
  3. In the Keymap dialog box that opens, Configure the Shortcut.
To have a target always executed before running or debugging the project
  1. Open the Phing Build tool window.
  2. Select the desired target and choose Before Run/Debug on the context menu of the selection.
  3. In the Execute Target Before Run/Debug dialog box that opens, select the configurations before which you want the target executed.

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