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Refactor | Move

This dialog opens when moving an out-of-package class, function, variable, constant or namespace into a package. You can specify the destination package and other, associated settings.


The out-of-package entities being moved are referred to in the dialog as inner entities, for example, an inner class, an inner function, etc.

This dialog can be accessed from:

  • The editor when the cursor is within the item (class, function, etc.) that you are going to move.
  • The Structure tool window when the corresponding item is selected there.
Item Description
<Entity> name If necessary, change the name of the entity (class, function, etc.) that you are moving.
Package name Specify the destination package.

Select the package from the list, or click browseButton and select the package in the Select Destination Package dialog.

Search in comments and strings Select this option to apply the changes to comments and strings.
Search for text occurrences Select this option to apply the changes to documentation, HTML, JSP and other files included in your project.
Move to another source folder If this option is selected, you can select the target root, where the destination package will be located. If the option is not selected, only the current root is used.


This option is disabled for the modules that contain a single source root.

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