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Refactor | Move

Move Inner Class refactoring dialog box is invoked for inner classes selected in the Structure view or opened in the editor.

Item Description
Class name Use this field to rename the moved inner class, if needed.
Package name Specify the name of the package for the class to be moved to.
Pass outer class' instance as a parameter Select this check box, if you want the moved class to preserve access rights to its former outer class.
Parameter name Specify here the name for the outer class' instance passed as a parameter.
Search in comments and strings Select this option to apply the changes to comments and strings.
Search for text occurrences Select this option to apply the changes to documentation, HTML, JSP and other files included in your project.
Search for references Select this check box to have the changes applied to the references to the file in question. This option is available only for Move File or Move Package refactorings.

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