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To move items between changelists in the changes tool window
  1. In the Changes tool window, select one or more desired items in a changelist. Use the and keys for multiple selection.
  2. Choose Move to Another Changelist on the context menu of the selection.

    You can also use one of these alternatives:

    • Click the Move to Another Changelist button moveChangelistItems.gif on the toolbar of the tool window.
    • Press .
    • Drag the selected items to the target changelist.
  3. In the Choose Changelist dialog box, specify the changelist to move the selected items to:
    • If the target changelist exists, click the Existing Changelist option and select the desired changelist from the drop-down list.
    • To create a changelist, click the New Changelist option, type the name of the new changelist, and optionally provide a description.

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