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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

The dialog box opens when you click the Optional Settings button on Mobile SDK Specific Options page of the New Project From Scratch Wizard.

Use this dialog box to specify additional options that are not generally required. The contents of the dialog box depend on the mobile development tool used:


Item Description
MIDlet-Description In this text box, provide a description of your MIDlet suite.
MIDlet-Icon In this text box, specify the location of the MIDlet suite presentation .png file within the .jar.
MIDlet-Data-Size In this text box, type the minimum number of bytes of persistent data required by the MIDlet.
MIDlet-Info-URL In this text box, specify the URL to access more information about the MIDlet suite and/or the vendor.
MIDlet-Delete-Confirm In this text box, type the message to be shown when the user is prompted to confirm deletion of the MIDlet suite.
MIDlet-Install-Notify In this text box, specify the URL to send POST request to confirm successful installation of this MIDlet suite.
User Defined Settings In this area, compose a list of user-defined attributes related to specific MIDlets. For each attribute, specify a key and a value. Use the Add and Remove buttons to manage the contents of the list. Use the Move Up and Move Up buttons to define the order of settings. This order determines the priority in which the settings are applied.


Item Description
AppVersion In this text box, specify the application version (10 bytes maximum).
ConfigurationVer In this text box, specify the J2ME configuration version, for example, CLDC-1.0.
ProfileVer In this text box, specify the version of the i-mode Java Application runtime environment profile, for example, DoJa-1.5oe.
SPsize In this text box, specify the size of the ScratchPad in bytes.
AppParam In this text box, specify the parameters of the main class (255 bytes maximum).
UseNetwork In this text box, specify http for applications that use network functionality.
TargetDevice Specify here a model name if the application is targeted to a particular model(128 bytes maximum). Do not set this option for applications targeted to all models.
LaunchAt To have your application launched automatically at the specific time, specify the required time in this text box.
AppTrace Choose the On value to have some information output using System.out.println() or System.err.println() after the i-Appli is terminated.
DrawArea In this text box, specify the size of the application drawing area, for example, 120x130.
GetUtn When this option is selected, the application refers to the handset identification code and IC chip information on its SIM or UIM card.

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