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The dialog box opens when you click the Server paths mappings button in the Debug area of the Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Web Application or Run/Debug Configuration: PHPUnit on Server dialog box.

Use this dialog box to map folders on your local machine with folders on the server. These mappings are used during remote debugging and testing as the basis for switching between a test or a stack trace of an exception or assertion and the corresponding source code.


IntelliJ IDEA detects these mappings automatically but still provides you with this possibility to specify them manually.

Item Description
Local Path on Client In this text box, specify the absolute path to the desired local folder. Type the path manually or click the Browse button browseButton.png and select the desired folder in the dialog that opens.
Local Path on Server In this text box, specify the path to the corresponding folder on the server according to the file system used on the server.
Add Click this button to have a new line added to the list of mappings.
Remove Click this button to remove the selected mapping from the list.

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