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File | Other Settings | Configure Plugins

Use this wizard to configure plugins bundled with IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA is delivered with a set of bundled plugins to be used for various needs, for example, to support integration with version control systems, to enable using various development technologies and application servers, etc.

All the plugins bundled with IntelliJ IDEA are enabled by default. Before working on your projects, you can disable unnecessary plugins, leaving only those you need. Disabling extraneous plugins will improve IDE startup speed and performance.


You can enable and disable plugins later in the Settings | Plugins dialog box.

To enable a plugin, select the check box next to its name.

For your convenience, plugins are grouped by their goals and areas of use, for example, version control systems or those related to JavaEE and Web technologies. The wizard contains the following pages:

  • Select VCS Integration Plugins
  • Select Web/JavaEE Technology Plugins
  • Select Application Server Plugins
  • Select HTML/JavaScript Development Plugins
  • Select Other Plugins
Item Description
Enable All Click this button to have all the plugins listed on the current page enabled.
Disable All Click this button to have all the plugins on the current page disabled.
Next Click this button to save the plugin selection on the current page and pass on to the next page.

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