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VCS | Git | Rebase

The dialog box opens when you click OK in the Rebase branches dialog box, with the Interactive check box selected.

Use this dialog box to define the order of applying commits, squash or edit commits before applying, and skip commits that contain extraneous changes.

Item Description
Action Use this drop-down list to define the action to apply to the selected commit. The available options are:
  • Pick - select this option to apply the commit as is.
  • Edit - select this option to update the commit before applying it.
  • Skip - select this option to ignore the commit.
  • Squash - select this option to combine the commit with the previous commit.
Commit This read-only field displays the hash of the selected commit.
Comment This read-only field shows the comment supplied for the selected commit.
View Click this button to view the files affected in the selected commit.
Move Up/Move Down Use these buttons to change the order in which commits should be applied.

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