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Deploying applications on remote hosts, managing their contents, and synchronizing with deployed applications are supported via the Remote Hosts Access bundled plugin, which is by default enabled. If not, activate it in the Plugins page of the Settings dialog box.


The term "deployment" in this context denotes simple copying files and folders to a Web server.

After you have configured access to a remote host, you can upload, download, and manage files on it directly from IntelliJ IDEA.

Moreover, you can suppress uploading or downloading specific files or entire folders by excluding them from deployment.

Finally, you can optimize you workflow by configuring content roots so specific folders are not involved in indexing, which significantly saves project indexing time.

To configure access to a remote host
  1. Create a server configuration.
  2. Define mappings to set correspondence between local folders, remote folders, and URL addresses to access the data on the server.
  3. Customize the upload procedure by specifying additional options.
  4. Specify the files and folders to be excluded from deployment.

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