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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

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Assembly Descriptor References

In this pane, define the <resource-ref> element that declares the reference lookup name to an external resource.

Based on the settings you specify in this pane, IntelliJ IDEA generates the properties of the <resource-ref> element in the web.xml descriptor.

Item Property generated in web.xml Description
Resource References <res-ref-name> In this field, specify the name of the resource used in the JNDI tree. Servlets in the Web application use this name to look up a reference to the resource.
iconEditReference Click this button to open the Edit Resource Reference dialog box.


The button is available only in a selected row.

Type <res-type> In this drop-down list, select the Java type of the resource that corresponds to the reference name. Use the full package name of the Java type.
Description <description> In this field, provide a description of the EJB resource reference.
Authentication <res-auth> In this drop-down list, select how the resource sign on is controlled for security. The available options are:
  • Application: the application code performs resource sign on programmatically.
  • Container: the established security context is used.
Scope <res-sharing-scope> Use this drop-down list to enable or disable sharing connections obtained through the given resource manager connection factory reference. The available options are:
  • Shareable
  • Unshareable

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