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Run | Edit Configurations


Use this dialog box to create, edit, or remove run/debug configurations, and configure the default settings that will apply to all newly created run/debug configurations.

The default settings are grouped under the Defaults node in the left-hand part of the dialog box.

Click here for the description of the options that are common for all run/debug configurations.

Find the descriptions of specific run/debug configurations in the following pages:


Item Shortcut Description
add or or or or Click this button to add new configuration to the list.
delete Click this button to remove the selected configuration from the list.
copy , or Click this button to create a copy of the selected configuration.
settings Edit defaults Click this button to edit the default configuration templates. The defaults are used for the newly created configurations.
arrowUp or arrowDown or or or Use these buttons to move the selected configuration or group of configurations (folder) up and down in the list.

The order of configurations or folders in the list defines the order, in which configurations appear in the Run/Debug drop-down list on the main toolbar.

folder Use this button to create a new folder.

If one or more run/debug configurations have the focus, then the selected run/debug configurations are automatically moved to the newly created folder. If only a category has the focus, then an empty folder is created.

Move run/debug configurations to a folder using drag-and-drop, or arrowUp arrowDown buttons.

Item Description
Confirm rerun with process termination The behavior of this button depends on selecting the check box Single instance only for a particular run/debug configuration.
  • If this check box is selected, then, in case of a single instance, launching a new process (for example, by clicking run on the main toolbar) while the other process is still running, results in showing a dialog box, where one should confirm termination of the current process and launching a new one.
  • If this check box is not selected (or in case of multiple instances), IntelliJ IDEA starts the new process silently.
Temporary configurations limit Specify here the maximum number of temporary configurations to be stored and shown in the Select Run/Debug Configuration drop-down list.

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