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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

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When you select SDKs in the left-hand pane of the Project Structure dialog, the SDKs defined in IntelliJ IDEA are shown. So you can add and remote SDKs, look for their usages in the project as well as manage their settings.

Adding and removing SDKs. Looking for SDK usages

The corresponding functions are accessed by means of the toolbar icons (shown in the Icon column). Alternatively, context menu commands (accessed by right-clicking an SDK in the list; listed in the Command column) or keyboard shortcuts (the Shortcut column) may be used.

Icon Command Shortcut Description
add Add new SDK or or or or Use this icon, command or shortcut to add a new SDK. Select the necessary SDK type. Then, in the dialog that opens, select the SDK home directory and click OK.
delete Delete or , or , or , or Use this icon, command or shortcut to remove the selected SDKs from the list.
find Find Usages or or Use this icon, command or shortcut to look for the usages of the selected SDK in the project.

Managing SDK settings

The settings for the selected SDK are shown in the right-hand part of the dialog on the SDK page. These settings depend on the SDK type.

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