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Consider the situation, when you need to refer to a particular point of code in the file, modified by some of your colleagues, or you want your colleague to look into the same piece of code you are currently viewing. The code pointer is visible to your fellow developer instantly, and enables navigating to that particular piece of code in one click.


To view the code pointers, the recipient of your message should have the same piece of code available. Otherwise, he or she is unable to navigate to the place you point to.

To send a code pointer
  1. Open a file in the editor.
  2. Select a piece of code, and choose Send Code Pointer on the context menu. On the submenu, select the desired group and recipient. Alternatively, select the desired user in the contact list of the IDEtalk tool window, and choose Send Code Pointer to <user name> on the user's context menu.
  3. Type some comment and click Send. The clickable link to the code is sent to the developer and appears in the upper section of the user's tab in the IDEtalk Messages tool window.

    send pointer

To navigate from a code pointer to the respective piece if code
  • Having received the message, the recipient can click the code pointer link:

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