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File | Settings | SQL Dialects


Use this page to specify which SQL dialects are used in the project.

The dialect may be set at the project level, and also at the level of a directory or a file.

If a dialect is not specified explicitly, it is inherited from a higher hierarchical level.

The dialects specified explicitly are shown in black. The inherited values are shown in gray italic.


For this dialog to be available, the SQL Support plugin must be enabled.

Item Description
File/Directory This column shows the hierarchy of files and folders in the project. Each row corresponds to a directory or a file.
SQL Dialect Specify the SQL dialect to be used.

Click the cell of interest and select the necessary option from the list.

In addition to particular dialects, you can select:

  • Clear. This will clear the corresponding cell. As a result, an option from a higher hierarchical level will be inherited.
  • <Generic>. This means that no particular dialect is specified. As a result, basic SQL92-based coding assistance is provided including completion and highlighting for SQL keywords, and table and column names. Syntax error highlighting is not available. So the file contents are always shown as syntactically correct. Also, code reformatting isn't possible.

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