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When a breakpoint is reached or your program is suspended, the Debug tool window becomes active and enables you to get control over the program's execution. For this purpose, you can use the Run menu commands, or the icons on the stepping toolbar of in the Debug tool window.

Each stepping action advances the execution point to the next execution location, depending on the action you choose.


When you reach a line with the calls to several methods, you can choose the method you want to step into.

To step through the program using breakpoints, do one of the following:
  • On the main menu, choose Run | <stepping command>



    The Force Step Into command enables you to step into a method of a class from the list of classes not be stepped into, for example a standard Java SDK class. The classes stepping into which is suppressed are specified on the Debugger. Stepping page of the Settings dialog box.

  • Use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use the buttons in the stepping toolbar of the Debug tool window.


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