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Supported module types are listed and briefly explained in the following table. Note that the set of available module types depends on the IntelliJ IDEA edition being used (Community or Ultimate) and also on which plugins are currently enabled.

Module type Description Editions
Java Module Encapsulates core functionality for building Java applications. The functionality of a Java module can be expanded by adding facets. Community and Ultimate
Web Module Provides facilities for developing web applications using programming languages other than Java, for example, PHP, or JavaScript, or markup languages.


Do not confuse this module with the web folder which IntelliJ IDEA creates when you enable Java-based Web development support.

Plugin Module Facilitates development of IntelliJ IDEA plugins. Supports IntelliJ IDEA SDK configuration and run configurations for running a dedicated IntelliJ IDEA instance for plugin debugging. Community and Ultimate
J2ME Module Provides facilities for developing J2ME mobile applications, including support for various Mobile JDK and J2ME-oriented run configurations. Ultimate
Flash Module This module type is intended for developing Adobe Flash platform-targeted content (applications and libraries for web (Flash Player), desktop (Adobe AIR) and mobile devices (AIR mobile)). Ultimate
Android Module Encapsulates core functionality for developing Android applications. Community and Ultimate
Maven Module Provides facilities for managing Maven projects, executing Maven goals, downloading artifacts. Community and Ultimate
Grails Application Provides facilities for Grails application development. Ultimate
Griffon Application Provides facilities for Griffon application development. Community and Ultimate
The following module types are available provided that the corresponding plugins are downloaded and enabled:
Ruby Module Provides facilities for creating Ruby projects and Rails applications. Visit Ruby plugin homepage. Ultimate
Python Module Provides facilities for Python, Django and Google App Engine development. Visit the Python plugin homepage. Ultimate

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