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Once a Gradle project is imported into IntelliJ IDEA, you can explore its structure, make changes both to the structure of the original Gradle project and to the resulting IntelliJ IDEA project, synchronize structures of the two projects, and explore differences.

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To change local dependencies on the IntelliJ IDEA side, follow these general steps
  1. Open Project Structure dialog.
  2. Modify module dependencies as required: for example, remove or add dependencies. Then apply changes and close the dialog box.

    IntelliJ IDEA's Gradle integration automatically refreshes the tree view in the Gradle tool window, when the user makes changes in IntelliJ IDEA project structure.

To refresh dependencies after changes made in a Gradle script
  • In the Gradle tool window, click refresh button refresh.

    On pressing this button, IntelliJ IDEA parses the project structure, and displays detected differences (if any) in the Gradle tool window.


Every time refresh action is performed, progress is shown in the Status bar.

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