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Refactor | Type Migration | Preview

This view allows you to review type migration results and correct the scope of changes by excluding/including items from/to the refactoring.


The view consists of the following panes:

  • The upper left pane displays the tree view of the items to be refactored. The root item in this tree view is the one you meant to refactor. Nodes represent all pieces of code that depend on this type.
  • The upper right pane is a common Find Usages view.
  • The bottom pane shows conflicts found.

Toolbar options for both upper right and bottom panes are similar to those of the Find tool window.

Here context menu options for the upper left pane are described.

Item Shortcut Description
Exclude or , or , or , or Select to exclude the item from the refactoring. It won't be changed.
Include Select to include item to the refactoring.
Jump to Source or or Opens in the editor the file that contains the selected code fragment, and places the caret at the type.

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