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IntelliJ IDEA supports integration with the Phing build framework. Phing is mainly intended for building PHP projects, but it can be also used as a build tool in a number of areas. Phing functionality in IntelliJ IDEA is provided through a dedicated Phing Build tool window.

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  1. Phing is downloaded and set up on your computer. If you are using an AMP, the package may already contain Phing.
  2. The Phing Support repository plugin is downloaded, installed, and enabled.
To open the Phing Build tool window, do one of the following
  • If the Phing support is not enabled in the project, open a Phing build file in the editor or select it in the Project tool window, and then choose Add as Phing build file on the context menu of the selection.
  • If Phing is supported at the project level, choose View | Tool Windows | Phing Build on the main menu.

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