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Postfix templates appear after dot in Java code. They are especially useful to speed up coding, enabling you to reduce backward caret jumps.

Enabling or disabling postfix templates

To enable or disable showing postfix templates in the suggestion list
  • Select or clear the check box Enable postfix templates in the Postfix Templates page of the editor settings.

Using postfix templates

To apply a postfix template, follow these steps
  1. Type your code followed by a dot, until a suggestion list appears , or press .
  2. Choose the desired postfix template from the suggestion list. If necessary, choose an expression to be surrounded or replaced.
  3. Press the expansion key, defined in the Postfix Templates page of the editor settings.



Important note


There is one more template not included in the list of available postfix templates; this is negating an entire expression with an exclamation mark (!).

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