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File | Settings | PHP | Servers - Validate remote environment

Use this dialog box to initiate validation of the debugger setup in a remote environment. In the context of IntelliJ IDEA, the term remote denotes any environment outside the project root. This can be a server on physically remote host, or a Vagrant box, or a server on the same machine but in a folder outside your project root. For details, see Working with Web Servers: Copying Files.

Item Description
Deployment server In this field, specify the server access configuration of the type Local Server or Remote Server to access the target environment. For details see Configuring Synchronization with a Web Server.

Choose a configuration from the drop-down list or click the Browse button browseButton in the Deployment dialog.

Local path to create validation script In this field, specify the local folder where the validation script will be created. The folder must be mapped to a remote folder to which http access is permitted. If the project root is mapped to a folder accessible through http, you can specify the project root or any other folder under it.
Validate Click this button to have IntelliJ IDEA create a validation script, deploy to the target remote environment, and run it there.

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