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Depending on the selected node in the tree view of tests, the Test Runner displays information on the various levels. In the Test Runner, you can view statistics of the tests, navigate to stacktrace, show or hide successful tests, and more.

Use the Testing toolbar to control visual representation of the test results.

To show or hide statistics

The Statistics tab shows information about the elapsed time and memory usage of each test.

  • Click cogwheel_blue on the Testing toolbar to reveal the drop-down menu, and then click the Show Statictics check command.


The values displayed are not accurate and only give an approximate estimate of the test performance. For example, if a garbage collector works during the test run, the memory usage shown in the Statistics tab is wrong.



If a unit test contains string assertEquals failures, the test runner provides the ability to view differences between the compared strings. Choose the View assertEquals Difference on the context menu of the failed test that contains assertEquals, and explore differences in the Differences viewer:


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