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Let's look at the following example. You and your colleague work on the same file for some time. To make sure that your changes don't cause any conflict after merge, you may need to view the differences between the two versions of files, which now exist. After you have taken a look at the diff, you can merge the differences and safely fix what you need.

To see the difference between files
  1. Open a file which you want to compare in the Editor.
  2. Right-click the desired piece of code, select Show Diff with User, and then select the user from the list of your contacts, OR - select a user in your contact list, right-click and select the same command.
  3. If the contents of your files are identical, you are prompted with an appropriate notification message, otherwise the diff window opens where you can explore your changes and changes of the fellow developer.


    Your local version of the file is displayed to the left, and your colleague's version to the right. For more details, refer to the Differences Viewer.


If a conflict occurs, you may want to send a code pointer to the place of code that causes the conflict.

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