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IntelliJ IDEA provides facilities for monitoring the status of project files relative to the repository. The status of a file reflects which operations have been performed on the file locally since the last synchronization with the repository. Using this functionality requires the following prerequisites:

  • Integration with a version control system is enabled.
  • The entire project or its specific directories are associated with this version control system.

You can monitor the status of a project in the following ways:

  • In any interface component by the color used to display the name of a file.
  • In the Changes tool window, Local tab, which by default shows files grouped according to their status. The name of nodes depend on the VCS you are using.


    To have files grouped by directories, click the vcsToolbarGroupByDirIcon icon.

  • For Git and CVS integrations, in the Version Control tool window, Check Project Status Info tab, via the Check Project Status command.

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