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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

The results of executing an SQL command are reflected in the Output and Result panes. The Output pane displays information and error messages on the command execution. If the command supposes data retrieval, a new tab opens in the Result pane showing the retrieved records. For each command IntelliJ IDEA opens a separate tab.

Besides viewing and analyzing, you can update the retrieved records as necessary right in the corresponding Results tab, just like in the Table Editor.

To analyze the results of running SQL commands, perform these general steps
  • View the results of query execution in the Result tab. Results of each query are displayed in a separate tab.


  • To navigate between result sets, use the First Page dataSourceTableEditorFirstPage.png, Last Page dataSourceTableEditorLastPage.png, Previous Page dataSourceTableEditorPreviousPage, and Next Page dataSourceTableEditorNextPage.png toolbar buttons.
  • To refresh the current page after editing or resorting the table data, click the Reload Page toolbar button refresh.png.
  • To copy the values from a result, click the Copy button copy.gif on the toolbar of the corresponding tab or press the or Ctrl+C or Ctrl+C or Ctrl+InsertCtrl+C or Ctrl+Insert, Alt+C or Escape, WCtrl+C or Ctrl+Insert or Ctrl+Insert or Ctrl+C or Ctrl+InsertMeta C or Meta InsertMeta C or Meta Insert or shortcut.
  • To copy the query that produced a particular result, click the Copy Query button icon_sqlOpenInEditor.png on the tool bar of the corresponding tab or press the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+CCtrl+Shift+Alt+CCtrl+Shift+Alt+CCtrl+Shift+Alt+CCtrl+Shift+Alt+CShift Alt Meta CShift Alt Meta C shortcut.
  • View query execution details and error messages in the Output tab.
To update the queried table, perform these general steps
  • To update a record, select the corresponding row and modify the values as necessary.
  • To add a record, click the Add New Row toolbar button add.png and fill in the fields.
  • To remove one or several records, select the corresponding rows and click the Delete Selected Rows toolbar button delete.png.

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