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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

IntelliJ IDEA provides the possibility to view all Seam facets detected in your project in the Seam tool window. This view displays the list of all Seam components grouped by modules. The appropriate library components are also included.

For each module with a Seam facet, you can explore its structure using a dedicated dependencies graph. To open this graph, use the Show Seam Components Dependencies command available in the context menu for a module.

The read-only dependencies graph opens on a separate editor tab. You can change the way the graph is shown (zoom in and out, show or hide grid, change the layout, etc.) and perform other, basic operations.

Viewing seam components and dependencies
  1. To open the Seam tool window, choose View | Tool Windows | Seam. The modules with a Seam facet are shown.


    You can navigate from a component to its definition in the Project view by pressing or or .

  2. Use the toolbar buttons or the keyboard shortcuts to expand (expandAll.png or or or or or or or or or or or or ) or collapse (collapseAll or or or or or or or or or or or ) the nodes.
  3. To open the dependency diagram for a module, right-click the module of interest and select Show Seam Components Dependencies from the context menu.

    Click thumbnail to view larger image.

  4. To view or edit the source code for a component, open the component in the editor. To do that, select the component of interest and press or or .

    To open the components which are the "leaves" of the tree (i. e. the ones at the bottom of the hierarchy), you can also use a double click.

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