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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

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Assembly Descriptor References

In this pane, define the references to external Web services by using "logical" names called Web service references.

Based on the settings you specify in this pane, IntelliJ IDEA generates the properties of the <service-ref> element in the web.xml descriptor.

Item Property generated in web.xml Description
Web Service References <service-ref-name> In this field, specify the name of the Web service used in the code of the Web application.
iconEditReference Click this button to open the Edit Web Service Reference dialog box.


The button is available only in a selected row.

Type <service-ref-type> Use this drop-down list to select the class that implements the reference.
Description <description> In this field, provide a description of the Web service reference.
Service Interface <service-interface> In this field, specify the class that implements the Web service interface.
WSDL File <wsdl-file> In this field, specify the absolute file path, relative file path, or URL to the Web service definition (WSDL) file.

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