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Compiler. Groovy Compiler

File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Compiler | Groovy Compiler

Use this page to configure the Groovy compiler-specific settings.

Maximum heap size (Mb)Controls the size of the heap available to the process that launches the compiler. If you are compiling a particularly large or complex project, you may get out-of-memory errors and be required to increase the amount of memory allocated to the compiler.
Invoke dynamic supportSelect this check box to activate compilation process that supports "invokedynamic" bytecode instruction.
Exclude from stub generationUse this section to make up a list of files and directories, for which the stub generation step should be omitted. Use add (Alt+Insert) to add files and directories to the list, and delete (Alt+Delete) to delete the selected items.

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Last modified: 14 July 2015