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Compiler. Scala Compiler

File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Compiler | Scala Compiler

Use this page to configure Scala compiler-specific settings.

Item Description
Incrementality type Use this drop-down menu to select the incrementality type for the compiling process. You either can select SBT compiler for your project or IDEA compiler. The incrementality type is set for the whole project excluding profiles.
add Click this button to create a new profile.
delete Click this button to delete the selected profile from the list of existing profiles. All modules, associated with this profile, will be automatically moved to the default profile.
compareNextFile Click this button to associate a module with a profile. This button only becomes available, when a module in the list of modules under a certain profile gets the focus.
Compiler order Use this area to select one of the following compiler options:

Note that for more information on what compiler option to choose, see compiling sources for Java/Scala.

  • Mixed
    This is a default option. When it is selected, both Java and Scala sources are passed to Scalac and then the Java sources are compiled with Javac.
  • Scalac(.*scala, + *java), then Javac(*.java)
    When you select this button the Scalac compiler first compiles .scala classes and analyzes .java classes. Then the Javac compiler is invoked and .java classes are compiled.
  • Javac(*.java), then Scalac(*.scala)
    When you select this button the Javac compiler is invoked before the Scalac compiler.
Features Use this area to configure feature settings.
Options Use this area to configure options for the Scala compiler.
Compiler plugins Use this area to add new or delete existing compiler plugins for the Scalac compiler. A compiler plugin lets you modify the behavior of the compiler itself without needing to change the main Scala distribution. For more information, see Scala compiler plugins page.

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Last modified: 6 April 2015