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Configuring Include Paths

To use PHP-related items from outside your project content root, you need to have them stored under the PHP home directory and specify the relative paths to them. The specified include paths will be used:

  • By the require(), include(), fopen(), file(), readfile(), and file_get_contents() functions when looking for files to use.
  • By IntelliJ IDEA when resolving references to included files.

To configure include paths

  • Open the Settings dialog box and click PHP.
  • In the PHP page that opens, click the Update include paths button.
  • In the Include paths area, that becomes available upon pressing the Update include paths button, configure the list of include paths.
    • To add a path to the list, click the Add button and select the required directory in the dialog box, that opens.
    • To remove a path from the list, select the required item and click the Remove button.

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Last modified: 14 July 2015