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Create AIR Descriptor Template Dialog

Use this dialog to configure and create an application descriptor template for your AIR (Desktop or Mobile) application.

During the compilation or packaging, the text in the <content> element of the template will be replaced with the name and extension (.swf) of the application file.

AIR application descriptor

Item Description
File name Specify the name of the descriptor template .xml file to be generated.
Folder Specify the folder in which the generated descriptor template should be stored.

Use browseButton (Shift+Enter) to select the folder in the corresponding dialog.

AIR version Specify (select or type) the target AIR version.

Application properties

Item Description
ID Specify the application ID.
Name Specify the application name, that is, the text to be displayed as the application title.
Version Specify the application version in the x.x.x format.

Note that this isn't the AIR version.

Mobile options

Item Description
Mobile platform Select which platform (Android or iOS) the application descriptor is intended for.
Common options Select or deselect the following screen options:
  • Auto-orient. If selected, corresponds to <autoOrients>true</autoOrients>.
  • Full screen. If selected, corresponds to <fullScreen>true</fullScreen>.

Android tab

Item Description
Permissions Use the check boxes to enable or disable the corresponding Android permissions.

iOS tab

Item Description
Devices Select the supported device family. If iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad are supported, select All.
High resolution Select this option if your application should use the high screen resolution mode.

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Last modified: 6 April 2015