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JavaScript. Libraries

File | Settings | Languages and Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries

Use this page to set up additional JavaScript libraries to expand the basic assistance provided through the JavaScript plugin. Note that the JavaScript libraries are global.

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EnabledThe check boxes in this column show the enabled status of a library:
  • Checked: if a library defined and enabled on a project level is marked with a check sign.
  • Dash: if a library is defined and enabled on a more detailed level, for example, on a directory or file level, it is marked with a dash (-).
  • Cleared: if a check box is cleared, the corresponding library is disabled.
NameThis column shows the names of the directories defined for a project.
TypeThis column shows library types.


ConfigureClick this button to configure JavaScript libraries in the Libraries page of the Project Structure dialog.
Refer to the section Configuring JavaScript Libraries.
DownloadClick this button to open the Download Library dialog box, where you can have IntelliJ IDEA download and install one of the popular official JavaScript-related libraries, such as:

Besides the above listed official libraries, you can download stubs for TypeScript definition files.

Choose the group of libraries in the drop-down list. The available options are Official libraries and TypeScript community stubs. Depending on your choice, IntelliJ IDEA displays a list of available libraries. Select the one to be downloaded and installed, and click Download and Install. You return to the JavaScript Libraries page where the new library is added to the list. CLick OK to save the settings.

Manage scopesClick this button to configure libraries to be used for specific files and/or directories in the JavaScript. Usage Scope dialog box.

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Last modified: 14 July 2015