IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.0 Help

Map of Shortcuts

EclipseIntelliJ IDEA
Action Shortcut Action Shortcut
Code completion Ctrl+Space Basic completion Ctrl+Space
Smart completion Ctrl+Shift+Space
Statement completion Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Quick access Ctrl+3 Search everywhere Shift x 2
Maximize active view or editor Ctrl+M Hide all tool windows Ctrl+Shift+F12
Open type Ctrl+Shift+T Navigate to class Ctrl+N
Open resource Ctrl+Shift+R Navigate to file Ctrl+Shift+N
Navigate to symbol Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N
Next view Ctrl+F7
Recent files Ctrl+E
Switcher Ctrl+Tab
Quick outline Ctrl+O File structure Ctrl+F12
Move lines Alt+Up/Down Move lines Shift+Alt+Up/Shift+Alt+Down
Delete lines Ctrl+D Delete lines Ctrl+Y
Quick fix Ctrl+1 Show intention action Alt+Enter
Quick switch editor Ctrl+E Switcher Ctrl+Tab
Recent files Ctrl+E
Quick hierarchy Ctrl+T Navigate to type hierarchy Ctrl+H
Navigate to method hierarchy Ctrl+Shift+H
Show UML popup Ctrl+Alt+U
Last edit location Ctrl+Q Last edit location Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Next editor Ctrl+F6 Select next tab Alt+Right
Run Ctrl+Shift+F11 Run Shift+F10
Debug Ctrl+F11 Debug Shift+F9
Correct indentation Ctrl+I Auto-indent lines Ctrl+Alt+I
Format Ctrl+Shift+F Reformat code Ctrl+Alt+L
Surround with Ctrl+Alt+Z Surround with Ctrl+Alt+T
Surround with live template Ctrl+Alt+J
Open declaration F3 Navigate to declaration Ctrl+B
Quick definition Ctrl+Shift+I
Open type hierarchy F4 Navigate to type hierarchy Ctrl+H
Show UML popup Ctrl+Alt+U
References in workspace Ctrl+Shift+G Find usages Alt+F7
Show usages Ctrl+Alt+F7
Find usages settings Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F7
Open search dialog Ctrl+H Find in path Ctrl+Shift+F
Occurrences in file Ctrl+Alt+U Highlight usages in file Ctrl+Shift+F7
Copy lines Ctrl+Alt+Down Duplicate lines Ctrl+D
Extract local variable Ctrl+Alt+L Extract variable Ctrl+Alt+V
Assign to field Ctrl+2/Ctrl+F Extract field Ctrl+Alt+F
Show refactor quick menu Ctrl+Alt+T Refactor this Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T
Rename Ctrl+Alt+R Rename Shift+F6
Go to line Ctrl+L Navigate to line Ctrl+G
Structured selection Shift+Alt+Up/Shift+Alt+Down Select word at caret Ctrl+W/Ctrl+Shift+W
Find next Ctrl+J Find next F3
Show in Ctrl+Alt+W Select in Alt+F1
Back Ctrl+[ Back Ctrl+Alt+Left
Forward Ctrl+] Forward Ctrl+Alt+Right

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