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Resolving Property Conflicts

A property conflict is reported during synchronization with the server when IntelliJ IDEA detects differences between the properties of a local file or folder and their version on the server. IntelliJ IDEA does not attempt to resolve property conflicts automatically and displays the files and folders with such conflicts under the Merged with property conflicts node in the Update Info tab of the Version Control tool window. You have to resolve property conflicts manually and then tell IntelliJ IDEA to treat the corresponding files and folders as conflict-free.

In this section:

To resolve a property conflict

  1. Open the Changes tool window and switch to the Repository tab.
  2. In the Changed Files pane, select the conflicting file.
  3. Choose Properties Diff on the context menu of the selection or click propertiesDiff.png on the toolbar.
  4. In the Subversion properties difference viewer, explore the differences:
  5. Based on the detected discrepancies, update the properties so the conflict is resolved.

To mark a file as resolved

  1. In the Update Info tab of the Version Control tool window, select the fixed file under the Merged with property conflicts node. As you can see, the file is still displayed in red as conflicting.
  2. On the context menu of the selection, choose Subversion, and then choose Mark Resolved. When the dialog box is closed, the Local tab of the Changes tool window shows the affected files as updated. and available for checking in to the server.
  3. Check in the resolved files.

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Last modified: 14 July 2015