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Running and Reloading Changes

Similarly to Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA also has Run/Debug Configurations that you can access either form the main toolbar, or the main menu. Compare the related shorcuts:

EclipseIntelliJ IDEA
Action Shortcut Action Shortcut
Run Ctrl+Shift+F11 Run Shift+F10
Debug Ctrl+F11 Debug Shift+F9
Make Ctrl+F9
Update application Ctrl+F10

As mentioned before, by default IntelliJ IDEA doesn't compile changed files automatically (unless you configure it to do so). That means the IDE doesn't reload changes automatically. To reload changed classes, call the Make action explicitly via Ctrl+F9. If your application is running on a server, in addition to reloading you can use the Update application action via Ctrl+F10:


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Last modified: 14 July 2015